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The Immutable Seven

Throughout my career, I have worked with a number of management teams that are “mostly aligned,” “almost there,” or just downright dysfunctional. After giving considerable thought to what should be at the core of a company to achieve success, I have authored what is on my heart: the Immutable Seven Laws of Team. I reflected […]


Mostly Aligned

Bonus points for delegating! Delegation is a crucial component of true organizational alignment. In my experience, leadership is most effective when is has “a top down viewpoint balanced with a bottom up perspective.” Complicated sounding, right? What I mean by that is leadership must strive daily to keep the organization in alignment, with a keen […]


Why is Social Media Important for Your Business

In the world of business, the way you manage your brand and engage with your customers are critical components to making or breaking your revenue stream. With buzz words like “Social Media” floating around and the impact that social marketing can provide to the bottom line, it’s no big secret that more and more businesses […]