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Selling Social Media to the C-Suite

Even the most curmudgeonly CEO has to acknowledge the massive and still-growing popularity of social media sites, which include countless platforms for online discussions, reviews, content-sharing and social networking. The number of active social media users is staggering. Facebook’s Second Quarter 2013 Operational Highlights reports that, as of June 2013, the site had 1.15 billion […]


Winning the Communication Media Lottery

The technology website visitors use to access marketing messages is constantly changing with the addition of devices like smartphones and tablets, smaller laptops, networked televisions and giant dual-monitor displays. Content developers no longer inherently know which format their end users will be viewing, and it can be tricky to make sure nobody gets left out […]


Understanding What’s in Your Hand: Big Data Means Big Decisions

Information is essentially everywhere now, and the Internet remains particularly keen on capturing key data that can help companies make better decisions to hyper targeted or broad campaigns. And certain websites generate so much of their own research and information, the industry refers to them as resources for big data. For anyone unsure of what […]