Don’t Just Socialize, Monetize.

With 25% of marketing budgets shifting to social media and content marketing, today’s business leaders are searching for ways to drive revenue using these unique tools. Based on first-hand experience, Jeff James shares the challenges and opportunities that broadcasters face in today’s 24/7, customer-engagement driven world, and lays the foundation so their advertisers and clients can leverage convergence marketing to grow the bottom line.

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In a nutshell, Jeff James has been credited with the following titles:

  • World class communicator and humorist
  • High-energy motivator and innovator
  • Process-driven entrepreneur and executive
  • Adventure climber and outdoor enthusiast

As a highly regarded professional speaker, trainer and consultant, Jeff James empowers others to succeed in business and in life, but most importantly to believe in themselves. With more than 20 years of platform experience, Jeff James’ enthusiastic, knowledgeable and humorous speaking style impacts and motivates audiences to enhance their perception around leadership, performance engagement, customer experience excellence and team effectiveness.

Jeff actively speaks about emerging market technologies, the convergence of broadcasting, and direct and digital marketing with executives who are shaping strategy and direction for their company. Covering a variety of topics including Executive Entrepreneurialism, Convergence Marketing, Social Media, Internet Safety and Security (Home/ SOHO), Telecommunications, Motivation & Spiritual Inspiration, Jeff has worked with organizations such as GE Capital, GMAC, Atlantic Records, Sony, Focus on the Family, Time Warner, Comptel, Comcast, Cox Media Group, and AT&T.

Working with his clients to create unique and compelling presentations that fit the needs and themes of the organization’s event, Jeff has recently presented on the following presentation topics:

Client Acquisition – Top 5 Killer Strategies for Acquiring Prospects in 2012 (Convergence of Online and Offline Sales/Marketing Initiatives)

Mobile Marketing – How Mobility Will Shape Customer Engagement (Using Mobile Strategies to Connect)

Innovation – Remember the cocktail napkin (Brainstorming Your Way to Success)

Social Media – Connecting with Convergence (How Interactive and Traditional Media Must Align)

Corporate Governance – Cycles of Leadership (Using the Strengths of Executives to Grow Your Business)

Marketing – Reverse Engineering Your Customer (Defining What Makes the Best Customer)

Social Media – Top 5 Mistakes of Companies Using Social Media (Demonstrating the Keys to Success of Online Marketing)

Energy & Smart Grid – Adding Intelligence to Our Usage (How Smart Grid Technologies Will Impact our Future)

Personal Development – What’s in the Box? (Learning to Define Priorities and Direction)

Marketing and Advertising – The Differences of Functional Communication (Defining the Mix of the Traditional and Online)

Spiritual Awareness – Changing Your Perspective (Getting Beyond Crisis to Grow)

Spiritual Awareness – Realizing Your Purpose (Understanding Your Core and Potential)

Kid Safe Internet – Pitfalls for Youth Online (Keeping Kids Safe Online)

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