Social Touchstones: How To Use Social Tools To Engage People With Your Brand [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Touchstones Infographic

Voice demonstrates integrity of your brand. Your customers and prospects need to understand just who you are and your “relate-ability factor.” Like with any relationship, in the initial stages what we want to know is mostly “skin deep.” But as the conversation matures, so does the willingness to pass information back and forth. This content should convey the tone, mutual respect, and reciprocated perspectives to shape the tempo of the development process.

Industry demonstrates the credibility of your brand. One of the greatest share points in human history is the environment of learning – where minds are open, visions broaden, and new thoughts emerge victorious. Ideas begat ideas. When your brand is the beginning point of those exchanges, you become not only a participant of the conversation, but a leader of it. This content should be centered on editorial perspectives that elevate the dialogue.

Transaction demonstrates the immediacy of your brand. Converting a “want” to a “need” requires a devoted understanding of the relationship in which we are participating. Knowing, beforehand, what one must “see” or “hear” from the other to move to the next level of engagement. When and how to deliver the message is paramount to connecting value to information. Action based on how much a priority or premium is placed on the benefits of such a decision. This content should channel action and thought for a direct, pressing purpose.