Why is Social Media Important for Your Business

In the world of business, the way you manage your brand and engage with your customers are critical components to making or breaking your revenue stream. With buzz words like “Social Media” floating around and the impact that social marketing can provide to the bottom line, it’s no big secret that more and more businesses hop on the bandwagon every day. However, understanding the different platforms and how to engage on each one will be the deciphering factors of how social marketing will work for you. If you haven’t jumped shipped into the sea of social marketing, or just started to get your feet wet, then it’s time to get serious about ramping up those Social Media campaigns (especially Facebook) for three imperative reasons:

Relevancy – People buy from people. If your strategy does not include personalizing your brand then you will struggle with “connecting” with you audience. Your content must be bright, engaging, and most of all editorial – not always trying to sell me something.

Credibility – Social Media platforms are no longer a “nice to have” – they are an essential part of letting people know that your brand is “in the here and now” with the content you distribute. While many companies pursue Social Media for the sake of “competitor parity,” brands that that truly “engage” with this medium find loyalty unsurpassed.

Visibility – Engagement on Social Platforms provides your brand the opportunity to grow beyond just the people who come to your website or who you meet at a trade show. It allows for you to extend your brand to new “spheres of influence.”

And nothing wraps this up better than a final thought: as business owners, you must “zig and zag” with the communication channels. But these are not going away. If anything, there will be more of them. I consult many brands on managing the messages, cadence and channels to gain the most of awareness and engagement. The word for the day is “convergence.” Your challenge is to make them all work together.