Not One Silver Bullet (But 11 Reasons to Update Your Website)

Ok, I have been preaching “convergence” for almost a decade. Taking a break from the pulpit, there are a couple of things companies need to know about their online presence, particularly their websites. No, taking a “re-do” on your website isn’t a silver bullet fix to your organic rankings, bounce rates or over all disappointment in your lack of visibility to marketing-to-sales “pipeline leakage.” Although bringing a website design into the 21st may be a necessary step, there are some “bare-bone” functionality things that just need to be fixed. So in “bar speak” (read as “harsh reality with a tinge of wit”), here goes…

You want 11 reasons to update your website? Or would you rather not face reality?

  1. You can’t view your site on a smartphone or iPad without squinting.
  2. You have watched your rank in Google decline in the last six months.
  3. You’re better than your competition, but your website information doesn’t show that.
  4. Your current sales or product focus is not the first thing a visitor to your site sees.
  5. You aren’t “connected” to the social platforms where your customers are.
  6. You notice some “not so nice” things said about you when you Google your company.
  7. You have “cool” flash intros and banners built into your site.
  8. You find yourself asking “Is that information even on our website?”
  9. Your site is littered with stock images, clip art, or images scanned in by your assistant in 2005.
  10. You couldn’t update your website if you tried – and you haven’t.
  11. You actually have made some changes to your staff.

Your website is the first credible presentation of you, your brand, and your message that most people will see. And they will see it. An overwhelming 80% of consumers and businesses say they check out a company online before making their purchasing decision. And yet companies spend less than 8% of their overall budget supporting their message and story online. Think about it – it may be time for a change. It may be time for a new strategy. Let me know if I can help.