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Calendar Up

What do you think the key focus of the companies is going to be in 2012 regarding e-marketing and what is the most effective marketing technique at the moment? Regarding SEO as the “most effective marketing technique” for your long term strategy, I agree with @Derrick De Yarman. For the reasons he pointed out, there […]


Funeral Plans?

Is the eMail Newsletter dead? I get this question all the time from executive members who are trying to sort through all the communication channels we use. At the end of the day, email marketing is not only relevant, it is a necessity to your communication mix. (Is your sales team or customer care asking […]


Typing must really stink!

Why are QR Codes showing up everywhere? QR codes are gaining popularity and are complimentary to print collateral (as well as other forms of marketing). Think of it this way – YES, people are too LAZY to type in a URL. ¬†Anyway to you can use a QR code to overcome the “lazy” objection is […]