Category: Reflections

Marketing Budgets: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

We all want more for our money, but that doesn’t mean price is always the bottom line. While marketing strategies have a foundation in increasing sales, relationship-based approaches are bringing consumers and companies together in new and innovative ways. A successful marketing budget distributes time, money and talent across a variety of tactics — with […]


Books, Blizzards, and Planning

What Book Has Changed Your Professional Life? This might seem out of left field. “Into Thin Air” is a personal account of the Mt. Everest Disaster in 1997 written by Jon Krakauer. This book clearly demonstrates how leadership, strategic planning, and team work are so critical to success. I encourage everyone who works with me […]


Stirring Today

There is an idea stirring within you. There is a thought gnawing at the inner most parts of your mind. There is a passion driving your every action and reaction. There is a decision awaiting your pronouncement. What will you do today that will take you in that direction?