“Real change takes effort…effort takes a conscious realization that the status quo is no longer justifiable -which often invalidates someone or something. It is in that discomfort that we can either choose to withdraw from the inevitable necessity or stand, with boots laced tight, and face the challenge knowing that the pain ahead is nothing compared to what it would feel like to quit.”  — Moi

“It’s not over till Benjamin says it’s over.” — Moi

‎”‘Nothing changes if nothing changes’…how true that is.” — Moi

“A brand demands time…The majority of marketers (58%) are using social media for 6 hours or more each week, and more than a third (34%) invest 11 or more hours weekly.” — Moi

“It is unfortunate when the perspective of friendship is blurred by the intoxication of vanity.” –Moi

“Self reflection is often needed to move to the next level. Think of all the misguided effort and wasted energy that if only could be directed inward, would produce the results of which your business (and team) is capable…and needs to grow beyond the here and now.” — Moi

“The average budget spent on company blogs & social media has nearly doubled in two years. (HUBSPOT REPORT, 2011) But is it spent on “me too” marketing or focused engagement? We have spent much time thinking through the “prism” we will use to answer that very question.” — Moi

“Never question your own sanity when walking in someone else’s world of make believe.” — Moi

“We do not place especial value on the possession of a virtue until we notice its total absence in our opponent.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.: -Jim Rohn

“A square peg forced into a round hole, he had felt like a daily outrage that long-established smooth roundness into which a man of less sharply angular shape would have fitted himself, with voluptuous acquiescence, after a shrug or two.”  — Joseph Conrad, The Secret Agent