Mobility Is The Next Step

Mobile Trends in USA for 2012 Inforgraphic - Jeff JamesCheck yourself before you wreck yourself. Have you looked to see how your website and content is currently displayed on a mobile or tablet device? With 4 out of 5 US smartphone owners saying that they use their mobile devices to help with shopping and company research, the need for easily accessible content about you is no longer the “next cool feature” – it is mission critical.

If people can’t easily read, understand and utilize your message per services and products offered, you aren’t just leagues behind, you are already a sinking ship. In the next 2 quarters, making your company accessible through mobile devices should be one of your top priorities.

The Big Question: How Do I Make Myself Mobile Accessible?

Step 1: Think about it from a usability standpoint. “If I am a potential customer or client, what is it that I am doing here?” What IS the critical information users look for and are key drivers to keeping them on track to transact. Contact us (phone number, email or form), product information, sales information, directions, news, blogs: these are just a few of the compounds that should be simple, easy to read content that is displayed perfectly on a myriad of devices.

Step 2: Think big buttons. For the critical content components, these need to be easily navigated and tell users exactly where they need to go to get the information they are looking for. Sure, anyone can go back to your main website and get information, but if someone is standing in a store or hears a radio ad, what would you want them to see most? (Hint: make sure your promotions match up on your mobile site, the core services or information are easily accessible and a way for the user to transact is apparent.)

Step 3: Configure your site hosting to pick up that a mobile user is accessing it! No one accessing your website from a mobile device wants to “find” a small button that says “check out our mobile website” in the ocean of miniature content and graphics. If done properly, your mobile site should be configured to auto-detect the device and route the browser to the mobile site without the user even knowing.

Take It To The Next Level…

Numerous companies are now enhancing their mobile promotion strategy by optimizing their web pages for the mobile web, including PPC and display advertising in apps and the search engines.

The mobile realm is only going to continue to expand, so get creative and go mobile.