Calendar Up

What do you think the key focus of the companies is going to be in 2012 regarding e-marketing and what is the most effective marketing technique at the moment?

Regarding SEO as the “most effective marketing technique” for your long term strategy, I agree with @Derrick De Yarman. For the reasons he pointed out, there is still much to learn and “re-learn” thanks to the every changing algorithms and content landscape.

I would, however, raise this conversation up a level. The “key focus” of what companies SHOULD be doing in 2012 and would be the MOST effective marketing technique is – wait for it – creating an Editorial Calendar.  As we see the online and offline beginning to blend more and more, e-marketing must consider how to best leverage all of the channels mentioned thus far in this post as part of the communication mix.  We must not forget that we are driving engagement which must be monetized in some way for us all to get paid. The Editorial Calendar helps you maximize your Search Engine Optimization by accounting for ALL of your tactics and ensuring they are in concert with one another, the audience you are trying to reach, and the vision of engagment you have for your brand.

It is important to lay out a calendar of topics, seasonal communications, and quarterly objectives along with every social platform, customer communication channels, and other marketing initiatives so that you can plan (sometimes months in advance) how to best leverage content to maximize your “relevancy” status within the search engines and social platforms. Since Google and Bing are beginning to take engagement in social platforms as part of your page’s ranking, and at the same time “discounting” replicated content, the challenge will become creating content that will be effective – not just for driving sales, but for maintaining your brand’s ranking, social significance, and target customer value. Tactics like SEM, SMM, Video, Mobility Access, Email, Social Media, and even traditional media (like print, radio, tv, pr) are all part of that mix that impacts the content you create, the message you deliver, and the way you position your message…and should be on your calendar! The only way I have seen this accomplished is by planning.

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