About Me
My main focus is delivering the customer experience with excellence. From the first moment of contact with my company through the entire nurture, transaction and loyalty lifecycle, I work to understand how each component can add value or detract from a customer’s willingness to promote my brand, service, product, or person. From marketing campaigns to a customer service calls, I want to create a call-to-action or a message that makes the recipient want to “Believe, Love or Experience” my brand (that’s mine…so don’t steal it, lol). I focus on the strategy and processes of channel/communication convergence – how traditional media, interactive, direct, and social tactics create value. I want to dig into the product offers/development, call center numbers, message/media mix, and webtrends reports, to understand the key drivers of our customers, cost centers, and accomplishment. Creativity in both message and execution is critical to success, and the team with whom you work should bring out the best in both. I have been fortunate in my career to work with such team members.


Current Employment

In August of 2011, I took on the responsibilities of Vice President of Operations and Sales at the Willis Group headquartered in Houston, TX. The Willis Group is comprised of a suite of complimentary service businesses that focuses on staffing, recruitment, outsourcing and investment. To learn more about the company, click here.



Books: Into Thin Air, Good to Great, Built to Last, Thriving on Chaos, Winning, View from the Summit
Music:  Frédéric Chopin, Accapella, Jason Aldean, Van Halen, The Eclectic Stylings of Kyle Botkin
Films: Tombstone, Tin Cup, Star Wars, My Fair Lady, Singing, in the Rain, The Godfather, Groundhog Day, Cassablanca