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Coach Jeff

There is nothing like the thrill of watching kids having fun and learning. I have spent the last 5 years volunteering as a soccer coach for my son’s soccer team. Thank you to all the parents and kids for allowing me the opportunity to work with and teach your kids – it is an honor.


Typing must really stink!

Why are QR Codes showing up everywhere?

QR codes are gaining popularity and are complimentary to print collateral (as well as other forms of marketing). Think of it this way – YES, people are too LAZY to type in a URL.  Anyway to you can use a QR code to overcome the “lazy” objection is good thinking.


Go Social or Go Home.

It is interesting to me how slowly some marketers (specifically those in the SMB or divisional enterprise business units) are slow to adopt these social platforms as part of their marketing plan. Social media levels the playing field for brands. And if your brand does not act responsibly in other “customer touch points” (i.e. service, price, value), then these platforms are where you will see the feedback…and it will be amplified to the masses. So building a good rapport via these communications channels is not only essential, it is mandatory going forward.